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The essential guide to music funding

artist development funding Aug 11, 2021

Here at Thirty Plus One we don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel. There are so many good resources already out there that we have committed to spend hours trawling the web to find the best so that you don’t have to. Whenever we find something solid we will profile it here. This time the spotlight is on The Unsigned Guide’s Essential Guide to Music Funding.

The document was produced following queries on the subject that the Unsigned Guide received directly from artists. It includes contributions from Arts Council England, PRS for Music Foundation, Creative Industry Finance, BPI, Musician Benevolent Fund, Music TankTransmit Start-Ups and Pledge Music.

In a climate where record labels are increasingly cautious about signing artists and there is a growing tranche of DIY musicians self releasing and promoting their projects accessing funding options is now more important than ever for artists serious about getting to the next stage of their careers.

While the guide covers a lot of ground it is impossible to have a document that is an exhaustive list. However, knowing the different types of funding and some major sources is certainly a strong starting point.

Already a great site in itself it is worth checking out The Unsigned Guide for industry resources, advice and news. Registered members will see a discount for The Unsigned Guide membership.

To get the full guide for free visit their contact page.

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