frequently asked questions

Who is Thirty Plus One membership for?

Membership is for independent music artist managers (with no big management company behind them) and self managed artists who are serious enough about taking their careers to the next step to invest time and resource into it.

How does it work?

We research and test services that focus on strengthening the whole management side of things. This includes things like legal advice for contracts, accountants for well, accounts and industry contacts.

We also use the numbers we have in membership to negotiate discounted deals for services that help managers and develop artists. So as a member you get access to the best in the business but only pay reasonable rates through a monthly membership fee.

By joining us you also join our community. Each community member brings skills, experience and expertise that we all share. So you have a network of people in the same field as you that you can tap into through structured methods such as organised events and informally too in private online groups.

what are the benefits of joining?

You get tailored resources, the best industry experts at a discounted rate and a whole load of new friends who are all doing the same thing you are.

what am i expected to contribute?

Well once you join, you are team Thirty Plus One so like any good team we work together and support each other. You may already have an idea about what you can offer to support other members but if you do not then that is fine too. At the registration stage we jointly identify what you can bring to the group, this may be years of experience in the industry, this may be access to a showcase you run, organisation skills or ideas for improvement.

Like in life, the more you give, the more you get.

couldn’t I just do this all myself?

Well, yes you could.

You can look for an accountant, a legal firm, branding designers and other professional to work with by yourself. However, in our experience we have found that feeling around in the dark for professional services uses up a lot of time and money, and these are two things that an independent manager or a self-managed artist does not have to waste. There is so much out there that knowing where to start is a big task in itself; what’s more, when you do find the best they normally cost a fair amount.

Thirty Plus One membership takes the hassle and risk out of finding people to work with. What’s more, because we are not just negotiating for ourselves but on behalf of our membership we are able to get better deals for individuals. So independents can finally afford to access the same professional help as signed artists and big management companies. You also become part of a network of music professionals that has an unquantifiable benefit to creating development possibilities.

What exactly is included?

There are two different types of membership; Community and Club. The idea is that membership supports music management activities on the business side as well as artist development.

There are discounts and offer for free Community members but paid Club members receive all the discounts as well as access to everything else at no extra cost.

What is included is constantly being reviewed and expanded so the most current details will always be on the home page under ‘what’s included’.

who provides all the services offered?

These are provided by some of the best in the industry. All tried, tested and recommended before being offered to the wider membership. See the ‘partners and affiliated’ area for some of the people that we work with.

couldn’t i just do this myself?

Well you could look for an accountant, legal firm, designers and other professionals to work with by yourself. But we have found that a lot of time and money are wasted feeling around n the dark and these two things are exactly the two things independent managers do not have to spare.

Thirty Plus One membership takes the hassle and risk out of finding the right people to work with. It also means that you get to build a network instantly that could otherwise take years and this really has unquantifiable benefits in accessing those next level opportunities.

What is your story?

It all started with a new manager who came to the industry with no previous experience and no contacts. It took a long time to build an effective network and a lot of mistakes were made with services and a lot of money spent. This new manager was sure there had to be another way and with that Thirty Plus One was born…and all our members lived happily ever after!

What is the application process?

Because Thirty Plus One members essentially form a collective it is important that we have the right mix of people involved. We use the appellation process to identify this and to make sure that being part of the community also meets your needs.

You complete the application form, we’ll then get in contact; it’s not something you have to worry about. To qualify you must first be a music manager or a self managed artist if you tick that box then apply and let’s have a chat.

Will I get in? Does everyone get accepted?

We contact every person that applies. If membership will work to benefit both you and us then you are in!

so what is this name all about then?

Well our founder who we affectionately call Campbell has a bit of a thing for the number 31 but mostly it links to an important realisation.

Before hitting 30 many people have a list of things they want to achieve and an idea of where they should be by this deadline. When you get there and then get past it you realise that rather than an end 31 is a beginning and that more than this, you have never been better equipped than you are at that point for the rest of your journey.

Nice right?

how much does it cost?

Just your soul. Only joking. Currently there are two types of membership, Community and Club.

Community membership if free and gives you news, discounts, free resources and invites to some events.

Club membership included exclusive access to discounts that are not always available to free subscribers, resources, events and an every expanding list of management services.

How long do the plans last for?

The paid membership plan is paid monthly . Member sign up for a minimum of 6 months initially and then have a rolling month-bymonth arrangement.

What if I want to change/cancel my plan?

You just need to send us a message letting us know.

Moving from Community membership to Club we will do all the admin side and your membership will be effective from the next payment date.

Cancelling is easy too. Again just ask. If you wish to cancel within the first 6 months of a your plan you will need to pay the amount totalling 6 months subscription. After the first 6 months membership you can cancel effective of your next payment date.

My question isn’t here, what shall I do?

Just send us an email, put question in the subject box so we don’t miss it.