membership terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to Thirty Plus One paid members (club) and community subscribers and form an agreement between you and us. Simple.

1. membership

1.1 Joining - To join Thirty Plus One applicants must complete the application form available on the website. Fully completed membership forms will be reviewed by the membership team and the applicant contacted within 24 hours. During this time questions on both sides will be asked and answered. Membership will be confirmed on the basis that a payment plan is agreed, that Thirty Plus One meets the needs of the applicant and that the applicant can contribute to Thirty Plus One membership.

1.2 Membership eligibility - Thirty Plus One membership is for independent music managers and independent self-managed music artists. To qualify for membership members must have successfully completed the application process, agreed to a subscription plan, be up to date with subscription payments and follow the current membership terms and conditions.

1.3 Member contributions - you should know that we believe in the principles of collective power and the values of collaboration. So once you become a member you add to our numbers and strengthen our position. This means that we can negotiate access to the best services and benefits on your behalf.

Following discussion and mutual agreement as well as contributing funds through subscriptions members will also bring expertise, contacts and experience to our collective. We expect members to be active in identifying and sharing their development needs, identifying great opportunities for Thirty Plus One members and giving us feedback.

2. plans, services and resources

2.1 The plans - there is paid membership: club and a free plan for community subscribers.

We will continually expand what plans include to get the best deal for our members and may change plan structures too. Members will always be advised of any changes to membership structures and the list of plan features will always be as per the website.

The services provided under paid plans will always focus on saving members’ money, building members’ music management businesses and developing artists.

To access services under paid membership contact us via email making a request. We will be clear about what is included in your membership and what may incur an additional cost. Costs will always be reduced and special arrangements made for members. Your request will be assessed and forwarded to the appropriate service provider who will contact you within 48hours.

2.2 Payment – payment for plans will be taken via direct debit on either the 15th or 1st of the month. Direct debit forms will be sent out following the completed application process.

2.3 Length of arrangement – paid plans work on a minimum of 6 months commitment. Following the first 6 months your plan runs on a rolling month-to-month contract.

2.4 Changes to your subscription – changing your subscription is easy and you can do it by contacting us at any time. If you wish to reduce your subscription this will be acted on immediately and effective from the next payment date. If subscription rates increase members already subscribed will be able to stick to their existing rate for 12 months with no increase and still access any additional services.

2.5 Free resources – there will always be free resources and information available via the website. Anyone can use these tools but they will remain the creative property of Thirty Plus One and logos should never be removed or changed.

3. discounts

3.1 – One of our 3 main aims is to save our members money. In addition to finding the best services covered by membership subscriptions we are also committed to finding further discounts. A large amount of discounts will be available to both paid and community members. Other discounts will be available exclusively to paid members.

Discounts will change but the current arrangements will always be available on the website and claimable by either following a link or via a discount code.

3.2 – Members will continually be encouraged to give us feedback on their experiences with all service providers and we will use this feedback to negotiate further arrangements, expand our offering or to improve what providers offer.

4. cancellation and raising concerns

4.1 Cancelling membership – cancelling membership is easy. You must contact us and membership will be cancelled from the date of the next payment as long as members are on a rolling month-by-month arrangement.

To cancel a paid plan in the first 6 months where the arrangement is still in the initial 6 month commitment members must advise us via email. Members will be responsible for paying the amount to cover 6 months of membership, it will then be cancelled from the date that the payment for month 7 would have been taken.

Should members decide to cancel while they are engaging discounted membership services then these arrangements must be cancelled or may continue at the provider’s full advertised rate.

4.2 Re-joining – to re-join after you cancel there will be no need to complete a membership form again but this request can be made via email to Thirty Plus One. Members will re-join on the current membership rates and terms and conditions even if they have changed from the time of previous membership.

4.3 Raising concerns – This is code for raising a complaint. We want to hear about them as soon as possible and commit to addressing them as soon as possible too. To raise a complaint or give us feedback on anything, please contact us via email, Twitter,  Facebook direct message or any other social media direct message with which we have an official account making clear that you have a complaint or feedback. When raising a complaint via email members will receive an acknowledgment of their complaint within 24 hours. All complaints will be taken seriously.

5. communication

5.1 Updates – This includes any updates we make to arrangements, terms and conditions or the service providers that we work with. Changes or updates will always be made clear to all members and where feasible and relevant members will be consulted on with all views considered as part of the decision making process.

When changes are made we will send all members communications updating them on the changed arrangements and clearly setting out what the arrangement was previously, what it is now and what the benefits/implications are to members.

All changes will be made to improve what we provide for members. However, should a member feel disadvantaged and is able to qualify that then they should contact us to make further suitable arrangements.

5.2 – All paid members and community subscribers consent to being contacted by Thirty Plus One.

6. privacy

6.1 Privacy Policy – Thirty Plus One only collects the information that we deem relevant to provide you with the best services. All information is stored securely and will never be shared with any third parties for marketing purposes and only shared if for the provision of services. See our privacy and cookies policy for more info.

We will always adhere to all our responsibilities relating to your data in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.