getting your music on a Spotify playlist

As music is becoming even more conveniently placed on our phones, Spotify and Apple Music (just by way of easy example) are starting to dominate the music business in the way that we saw the likes of Geffen and EMI do years before. And they’ve found a way to revert popularity back upon themselves: playlists. 

Both artists and managers will probably be wondering how you go about appearing on a fabled streaming playlist and turning a little known diamond of a song into a giant goldmine. 

OK, deep breath…

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ep. 04 making money from music

As with most creative industries for most people when starting out there is not a lot of money. Often artists and managers at the beginning have a full time or part time job and a focus that needs to be split across several projects and activities. It is feasible to make money from music in-between the beginning stages and being Beyoncé.

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