booking your first festival gig

music festival scene

What most successful musicians know is that the big achievements may seem like they happen overnight but actually they take a good amount of effort. Securing a slot at a music festival is no different. 

A festival appearance opens up a whole new experience. Artists get to engage their existing fanbase and get exposed to a much broader one. What’s more, unlike most regular gigs, different stages aside; artists get to share the bill with some of the biggest names in the game.

So here they are the top 5 tips on booking that festival slot 

1. Be good

The first rule is simple; you have to be good. Your music should be so good that fans at your gigs love it and you should be ready to take it to the next level. Social media engagement and formal reviews can act as a good barometer for where you are with this, which brings us nicely to tip number 2.

2. Get traction

This is a bit of a no brainer. Bookers want to sell tickets so your popularity will help get you booked. Spend time building your profile and promoting yourself and your music on social media. Online reviews, high profile shows, radio play and album sales will all contribute to getting you that one step closer to the stage. 


3. Get your communication right

Put together an online press kit, as well as music, photos, contact information and your bio don’t forget to include videos of you playing. Put everything in one place. Get your online profiles on point, make sure they are all connected with consistent messages and branding and also include current photos and music links. 


4. Respect the application process

Although the festival season kicks off in early April, autumn and winter are the seasons reserved for bookings. Get organised so you can start applying early and respect the deadlines and submissions process.


5. Get a great agent

Agents are people with all the time in the world to build networks, secure gigs and land you those coveted festival slots. If your agent has more established acts on their books already then there’s a good chance they could land you in their company on a festival line up too. 


So, there you have them - 5 tips to help you set your priorities when securing that festival gig. 


Good luck!