social media for musicians : the ultimate cheat sheet

 Everyone and their dog already knows how important social media has become to musicians. It doesn’t take the world’s best manager or artist to know that getting it right can turn everything around. Not convinced? Five words; Justin Bieber and The Weekend. 

There’s so much advice online, we’ve gone through most of it and curated the best articles and resources below just for you. You’re welcome!


5 Things musicians who are killing it on social media are doing right now

A nice round up article to hold your hand and get you started from this tech based music industry solution.


6 Social media marketing tips for musicians

6 tips instead of 5! Re-enforces a lot of what is mentioned across articles but I love the addition of the information on the best days and times to post.


Do’s and Don’t of Social media: a musician’s guide

This one makes the lists because of one don’t on the list. Let’s face it, wouldn’t the whole world be a better place without those auto DMs you get from people when you follow them on Twitter.


7 tips for music artists to use social media effectively

We like to just keep the number of tips coming – here’s 7 and our first mention of the use of Facebook ads.


Social media strategy: seven lessons for engaging with your fanbase

It’s a Guardian article, so enough said. Affirmation that the others are on the right track too.


Global social media research summary 2017

No social media tips for musicians but some good stats on social media users and a ranking from the one with the most to the one with the least. Good information when developing your social media strategy. 


10 secrets of social media for musicians

Introducing the 80/20 rule for social media. Looks like it’s not a secret anymore! 


Indie musicians who are killing it on social media

It’s not just Biebs and the Weekend this article looks at other examples. Case study time.


Social media for musicians – a beginner’s guide

A super comprehensive, well organized and easy guide that goes the extra mile and walks you through the process. 

Don’t even have the time to go through the articles we’ve picked out? Here’s our best picks of tips:

  • Content is king and queen – be engaging and just post good stuff and remember that apparently people like videos

  • Be yourself – keep your posts natural and authentic. When deciding on which platforms to use pick the one that best suits you and your brand and think about where your fans are. No need to spread yourself too thin

  • Make use of everything – know the best features of the platforms that you use and don’t forget to use the free analytics. Use trending hashtags and tag people and locations

  • Be consistent – decide on a frequency that works and keep it up. Make it easier on yourself; cross promote across platforms, use a consistent username, regularly update your profile and header images and link your Twitter to your Soundcloud to get a mention every time someone favourites a track

  • Build a community – use the 80/20 rule. Let people get to know you, use calls to action but don’t forget to incentivise. Work on warm invites by focusing on people that like and share posts.

  • Use music specific artist platforms – Music Glue, Reverbnation et all can be great resources to bring your EPK to life and also to apply for exclusive opportunities.


K Campbell